Making Your Summer Travel Symptom Free

2023 health resources travel tips May 30, 2023

The season is here when many of us have the opportunity to escape the Houston heat and go out to explore the world – or even just more of our corner of the world. With these adventures often come some challenges. Using a little forethought and some hacks, we can help you avoid these potential problems and experience even more fun this season.


Jet Lag: Having lived and commuted back and forth to London for 6 years, I am very familiar with this. Not only does it affect your sleep, but it really messes with your digestive system. I have found that one of the best ways to combat this is to start before your trip. Try to shift your eating and sleeping schedules by up to an hour each day, working towards your new destination schedule. The transition will be much easier if you can shift it just a few hours closer. After landing, try your hardest to stay on the local schedule, avoiding naps, if possible. Go outside, take a walk, and get plenty of sunshine. Grounding and sunshine are the best for resetting your body’s clock. Melatonin is always a winner with resetting your clock. I usually take 3 mg about an hour before my desired bedtime in my new location.

Altitude Sickness: This is also a doozy if you have ever experienced it. When going to an altitude over about 6,000 feet, I find that stopping for a night or two about halfway up to your destination can really help. Staying hydrated is essential to avoiding altitude sickness. Remember that flying is dehydrating, as is caffeine and alcohol, so avoiding alcohol and limiting caffeine is very important for the first day or two. For supplementation, I always start taking chlorophyll in the form of Spagyric Greens a week before and throughout my high-altitude trip to help my blood carry more oxygen. I also take BC-ATP to help my mitochondria produce more energy.

Immune System Stress: Even though vacation should be all fun, it can certainly be taxing on the immune system. Taking time to eat well and stay hydrated is so important, as is getting plenty of sleep and sunshine. When I travel, I always take BC-ATP to keep my body producing energy for immune support, as well as a multivitamin with D, C, and Zinc. My go-to for those times that I think I might be coming down with something is Immune Alert. It almost always kicks my immune system in, and I bounce back super quickly.

Constipation: Yes, we all know that this can be an issue… new places, new schedules, different foods, and stress can all contribute. Remember to stay hydrated and give yourself time to get on schedule in your new locale. I always have OxyPowder (magnesium bound to ozone) and Bowel Mover in my suitcase, just in case.


Add these products to your suitcase or medicine cabinet while they are on special this month of June. I hope you have a wonderful summer, whether you are traveling or not. We look forward to seeing you in the clinic and hearing about your adventures!