Managing Stress Response

Dec 01, 2015
Managing stress header

Stress doesn’t happen to us; it happens in us. The key is managing our stress response. One of the leading psychological effects of chronic stress is anxiety. Anxiety can affect our whole being: mind, body and soul. Anxiety can make us feel an overwhelming nervousness  or unfound fear. It can disconnect us from our higher place of peace and it can even make us physically ill. In fact, stress is responsible for up to 90% of doctor’s visits and 80% of chronic illness. Stress and thus, anxiety, are often the result of perceived demands, dangers or fears. If we can learn to manage our perceptions and our beliefs about life’s challenging situations, we have an immense, almost transformational power over the manifestation of anxiety in our body.

 At Heights of Health, we can teach you methods to manage stress the rest of your life. One of the most effective avenues for mitigating on-going anxiety is to establish a daily stress-release program that addresses our minds, bodies and souls. At Heights of Health, we offer a very unique Stress Release Package. The power of this package is that clients will immediately experience a shift in their stress and anxiety levels during each and every session. Once the package is complete, clients will leave empowered with a daily practice (that takes no longer than 15 minutes!) that will lead them to a life-long habit of stress and anxiety management. Remember, stress doesn’t happen to us; it happens in us. We can help you learn to manage your stress response…forever!