Manifest your New Year’s Goals into Reality

Feb 01, 2022
Manifest your New Year’s Goals into Reality Header

So, it’s been a month since you determinedly committed to your 2022 goals. So far, so good? Still on the wagon? Although we hope you are still rockin’ and rollin’, research shows that a mere 8% of us fulfill our new year’s resolutions and most of us have given up by February 1st! What to do? Manifest. Most of us have heard of this manifestation concept and many may write it off as “woo-woo”. Quite the contrary. Manifestation is based on quantum physics. Simply put, energy comes BEFORE matter, not the other way around. (Read that again slowly.)

Everything, everything in our universe is energy, including our thoughts and emotions. If energy comes before matter and our thoughts and emotions are energy, then we can use that very energy to CREATE matter (reality). That’s precisely why that certain person’s mood can drain us. Or that person you were just thinking about suddenly texts you. Our thoughts and emotions carry real electromagnetic information, emitted from our cranial brain and “heart brain,” which affect the informational field around us. Manifestation is simply using this idea of invisible energy to create what we can see and touch in our environment.

According to The Heartmath Institute’s Global Coherence Initiative (GCI), when a large group of our population purposefully thinks high vibration thoughts, while feeling positive emotions, the earth and sun’s magnetic fields and the “global information field” are positively affected. This in turn creates a feedback loop whereby the now encoded geomagnetic fields positively affect the human population. For instance, it has been shown that dramatic solar and geo-magnetic cycles correlate directly with illness, crime, and even war. If we, as humans, can use our invisible energy to affect the magnetic fields, then this is our key to positively changing the outcomes in our world, or rather, manifest the reality we want. The GCI has positioned monitoring sites all over the world where populations are practicing “heart coherence,” a practice where the group purposefully practices focusing on positive thoughts and outcomes while generating good feeling emotions. It’s precisely in these places where good things are happening!

Wouldn’t it be grand if you could harness this research and replicate these types of manifestations on a smaller scale in your own life?


  1. Play the “Manifestation Game” to increase your confidence that you CAN manifest.

    1. Choose an item you want to manifest in the near future

    2. Write it down

    3. Make sure it carries a neutral emotional charge ( a white feather, a red hat, old fashioned pick up truck, bluebird, etc)

    4. Ensure there are no triggers

    5. Choose something you have no resistance around

    6. Focus on it, visualize it

    7. Now let it go

    8. Allow it to come

  2. Continue to play the game with several neutral objects and as you see that these items show up for you, your confidence will increase.

  3. With confidence, shift to a desire that you care more about.

  4. Allow your level of desire to match the faith that it will manifest. (this is key)

  5. Focus daily by meditating 1st to reset your mind. Click here to practice the Vibrant Flow mediation using the energy-imprinted TriVibrance™ oil blends.

  6. Before you begin, (optional, but powerful) Apply the TriVibrance™ Clarity and Manifestation oil to your heart space. Place your TriVibrance™ Personal Diode somewhere on the left side of your body (bra, sock, pocket). If using the Vibrant Flow meditation, follow the instructions regarding where to put the 5 oils.

  7. Journal and visualize your desire. Be sure you flesh out all details with vivid visualization of every aspect of your desire. See the colors, smell the smells, imagine the scene.

  8. And the most important part, FEEL EXCITED that it is coming! Remember, the power of manifestation is in affecting the quantum field with both your thoughts and high vibration emotions.

  9. End by performing the Vibrant Affirmations exercise. Click here for a video demonstration.

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