What’s In Your Natural Medicine Cabinet?

Oct 30, 2020
What’s In Your Natural Medicine Cabinet Header

Now that it’s cold and flu season, it is essential that we keep our medicine cabinet stocked with immune building supplements. Fortunately, there are plenty of beneficial supplements to boost your immune system.

Here are some of my favorites to take as preventative:

  • Astragalus

  • Zinc Glycinate

  • Vit K2 D3

  • Core Mycelia Blend

  • Vit C / Excellent C ( Vit C may cause diarrhea, reduce dosage to bowel tolerance)

The supplements below can be taken during early onset as well as for the duration of the virus. Just taking a few of these supplements can shorten your recovery time. Keep in mind, supplements do not force anything to happen. Instead, they work with your body to elicit its own immune response. It’s imperative upon onset of virus, to take supplements every two to three waking hours for the first two to three days, with the exception of Intramax, Intrakid, Vit D3/K2 and Zinc. This can greatly reduce the healing time.


Babies and Children

Respiratory System Support

  • ALJ liquid

  • Sinus Tone

  • Core Sambucus

  • ION* Sinus spray

Immune Support

  • Probiotics/ Probiota Infant

  • Core Mycelia Blend

  • Intrakid complete liquid nutrition

  • Vit D3 cream / Vit D3 drops

*Check out my E- Book for more information on how to support your child’s immune system.

Teens and Adults


Respiratory System Support

  • ALJ

  • Bronchial Formula

  • Core Sambucus

  • Up Your Nose Nasal Spray

Immune Support

  • Core Olive Leaf

  • Molecular Silver

  • Intramax complete liquid nutrition

  • ProbioMax Daily DF


Remember to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day. Staying properly hydrated helps the kidneys to their job of balancing electrolytes and filtering waste from the body. Drinking plenty of clean water can also help illness. It lessens congestion and allows mucus to be excreted via elimination channels of the body.

Here are some helpful tips you can do at home:

  • Take Epsom Salt Baths daily when possible. Look for Epsom Salt that can be used for internal/ external purposes. Add 2-4 cups of Epsom Salt to warm water or temperature best tolerated by you. Soak in bath for at least 30-45 min. This can accelerate healing by purging toxins through the largest organ- your skin!

  • Gargle with 3% hydrogen peroxide 1-3x day. Swish for 60-90 seconds, then spit it out. Hydrogen peroxide can soothe a sore throat and kills germs. If too strong, dilute with solution 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water. For young children who may have a difficult time not swallowing, can gargle with warm salt water for similar benefits. Mix 1 cup of warm water with ½ teaspoon of Himalayan salt. Gargle with solution for 60 seconds, then spit it out.

  • Eliminate inflammatory foods, especially sugar, dairy and gluten. Sugar has been shown to decrease immunity by weakening white blood cells. These cells are responsible for fighting infections. Dairy is mucus forming which can make your viral symptoms worse. Because inflammation can often lead to an increase in mucus production and weaken the immune system, it’s best to also avoid gluten/ wheat products.

  • Avoid coffee and alcohol. These are dehydrating to the body. The immune system works more efficiently when the body is well hydrated.

  • Get enough sleep! Sleeping when you’re sick is essential to your recovery. Sleep helps to boost your immune system, so you can fight off your illness more effectively. Adults need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. Children will require extra rest to fight the viral infection.

So there you have it, these are my favorite tips and go-to supplements to keep in your medicine cabinet. For even greater benefit, take advantage of scheduling an appointment with one of our Heights of Health practitioners for a program tailored to your body.

At Heights of Health, we continue to offer virtual and in-clinic appointments for our services - including holistic nutritional consultations, Infrared Saunas, Detox Footbaths - and we are happy to ship supplements as needed. We are here to support you in taking charge of your health from the inside out.