Re-Set Your Body’s Blueprint For a Healthier 2024

bioenergetics life journey nes resources Jan 02, 2024

Could you imagine building an architectural masterpiece without a set of plans?  Maybe you have all the materials available, but you do not know how to assemble them.  You may not even know in what order to build your masterpiece. Having a blueprint is as important to assembling your masterpiece, as it is to healing the temple that is your body.  

As we experience life, with its physical and emotional stresses, sometimes our cells get unclear or unhealthy messages – the blueprint gets a bit blurred.  We have symptoms and dis-ease set in and the body might not be able to remember exactly how to return to a healthy state or simply might not have the resilience it once had.  Our bodies are amazing healing machines, but sometimes we need to give them the right “code” to function optimally. The vast majority of people operating in the field of health, holistic or western or somewhere in between, focus on the biochemistry of the body, the raw materials (vitamins, minerals, nutrients).  This can certainly be helpful, but this approach is missing a vital component, the blueprint that the cells, organs, glands and systems need to heal and optimize their function.  As opposed to focusing on the chemistry of the body, the blueprint focuses on the physics of the body.   

Many of our health concerns do not originate from chemical imbalances, they originate from information imbalances that lead to the chemical imbalances.  So, logically, optimizing the blueprint for health within the body will make everything you are doing that much more effective and efficient.

In comes our BioEnergetics technology.  This amazing system scans the body’s field for disruptions in the blueprint for health, on both physical and emotional planes.  When disruptions surface that are of high priority, the system pairs the body with appropriate Infoceuticals, (energetically imprinted drops that reset the blueprint of the area of concern to its optimal functioning).  This Blueprint Reset gives the body the information it needs to utilize the ingested raw materials and the implemented healthy habits in the most efficient and effective manner.  

Start the new year off with a Blueprint Reset tailor made for you by our BioEnergetics technology.  An initial appointment is typically 2 hours and is very comprehensive. You will leave the session with a plan of action - an Individualized Holistic Protocol with recommendations for a lifestyle and supplementation based on your personal scan (which you can view from home, as well), in addition to our energetic testing based on the scan. If you have not yet experienced our new BioEnergetics system and are already an established client at Heights of Health (even if we have not seen you recently), you can schedule a very comprehensive 1.5 hour session at a savings of $100.  Scans can be done both in clinic and remotely.

Those of you who are interested in the more emotional/goal-oriented/personal growth area of your life for 2024, we have an amazing dynamic Life Journey BioEnergetics scan with our Holistic Therapist Peyton that can get your life moving in the right direction. While this appointment for brand new clients to Heights of Health is a 90-minute appointment, if you are already a client at Heights of Health, we can provide this comprehensive initial Life Journey appointment at one hour and a cost of only $140 (a savings of $70).

Start 2024 off right with amazing insights into the disruptions in your energetic field and solutions to optimize your health on all levels. Call our office dto set your appointments now to create yours healthier new year.