Are You Safely Cleaning and Sanitizing?

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Are You Safely Cleaning and Sanitizing?

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With the fear of Coronavirus spreading among us, many have been using antimicrobial/antibacterial agents liberally in their homes and work environments. Just like antibiotics, antimicrobial cleansers kill indiscriminately, not to mention the added harmful toxins. Remember when we used to take antibiotics frequently, often without a second thought? The devastating effects of the overuse of antibiotics has taken us years to fully recognize and will take many more years to rectify - if that is even possible. Fortunately, there has been a great deal of awareness around this issue; we are all are more cautious about the use of antibiotics and people are now working to repair and rebuild their microbiomes (the ecosystem of beneficial bacteria that lives in our intestines) in order to create strong and resilient immune systems.

But, what about our MACROBIOME, the ecosystem of beneficial bacteria in our environment? It seems that almost no one is discussing the essential microbiome of our planet. If things don’t change, we will be paying a hefty price for the imbalance in nature that we are directly causing with all of the antimicrobial cleaning agents being liberally sprayed, poured, wiped and scrubbed inside and outside of our homes and on our bodies.

As with oral antibiotics, there is a time and a place for antimicrobial cleaning, but I fear that we have gone overboard in this arena and the ramifications will lead to antimicrobial-resistant bacteria and viruses, much like MRSA and other bacteria that have caused so much unnecessary pain and suffering.

Just as inside our bodies, good and bad bacteria live (or should live) in balance with each other, this is also true outside of our bodies, in our homes and offices. This healthy balance is generally considered to be a 10 to 1 ratio, beneficial bacteria to harmful bacteria. When we focus on killing ALL bacteria, we also destroy the good guys and imbalance will ensue.

Unfortunately, bad bacteria have an amazing defense mechanism called BIOFILM. This is a substance that harmful bacteria create to surround, protect and feed themselves and other microbes like viruses. Plaque in your teeth is a perfect example of a biofilm. When there are too little beneficial bacteria left in an environment, the bad bacteria thrive inside the biofilm. And, here’s the catch, you CANNOT reach the bad bacteria hiding in the biofilm with the use of antimicrobial/antibacterial agents. That is why dangerous MRSA lives on hospital room surfaces despite their best efforts to scrub and kill these bad guys. They are protected inside their biofilm. It’s no accident that they thrive in the most thoroughly sanitized conditions: hospitals.

Are we creating an environment where we will be surrounded by harmful bacteria and viruses protected by biofilm? I think we might be…. But, here’s the good news. The best way to get rid of biofilm is to REBALANCE the ratio of bad to good bacteria with spore probiotics (good bacteria that occurs naturally in our environment). These probiotics can literally eat away the biofilm and keep the bad guys in check. End of story.

Probiotic cleaning agents are what we use and sell at Heights of Health. They are great not only for thoroughly cleaning around the house but can also be used topically to help rebalance the microbiome of the skin, mouth and nasal passages. Strengthen your MACRO-BIOME along with your MICRO-BIOME if you want a strong and balanced immune system – for the planet and for our generation, and generations to come.

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