Tamari almond sauce + savory mushrooms

Mar 28, 2020
Tamari almond sauce + savory mushrooms

I make this mushroom recipe all the time, especially when I have people over for dinner and it's always a favorite. The ingredients may sound a little strange, but the result is a savory, slightly tangy dish. I also included a recipe for a tahini/almond sauce that is a more recent creation. In the past I paired it with spring rolls or salad, but I had a leftover zucchini laying around the other day and it was fantastic on top. Enjoy!

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Savory Mushrooms

~1 lb cremini mushrooms, thick slices

½ white onion, diced

4 cloves garlic, crushed

2 tbsp grassfed butter or ghee

1 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tbsp organic tamari*

½ tsp toasted sesame oil

½ tsp balsamic vinegar

½ tsp himalayan salt

½ tsp red pepper

¼ tsp black pepper

Juice of 1 lemon


-On low heat, add butter and EVOO to pan and saute onions and garlic until fragrant

-Add the sliced mushrooms and turn up the heat to medium-high

-Add tamari, sesame oil, and balsamic vinegar, salt, black pepper, and red pepper

-Cook the mushrooms on medium-high until the liquid reduces, this should take about 10 mins

-Juice the lemon, and let the mushrooms simmer some more

-Once all of the liquid has reduced, take off the heat and enjoy!


*You can easily sub coconut aminos in this recipe! I prefer tamari because it’s less sweet

Tamari Almond Sauce

1 tbsp organic almond butter*

1 tbsp avocado oil

1 tbsp tamari

2 tsp rice wine vinegar

1 tsp toasted sesame oil

¼ tsp garlic granules

โ…› tsp onion powder

dash of red pepper

dash of black pepper


*Depending on how smooth your almond butter is, you may want to slightly heat it before you mix with the other ingredients. Mix all ingredients together, voila! I use this as a dip for homemade spring rolls, salad, on top of veggies, etc.

Below is an extremely easy/quick zucchini recipe! The almond/tamari sauce is fantastic drizzled on top:

1 zucchini, chopped

2 garlic cloves, sliced thin

1 tbsp avocado oil

1 tbsp tamari

Himalayan salt and back pepper

-Heat up pan to medium high, then add avocado oil

-Add chopped zucchini, saute for ~4 mins, then add garlic, tamari, salt and pepper

-Saute for approximately 3 more minutes, and remove from heat when zucchini are cooked, yet still crisp

-Drizzle almond/tamari sauce on top, and enjoy!