Tips for Healthy Aging

Apr 20, 2019
Tips for Healthy Aging

As crazy as it sounds, I actually love getting older. The wisdom, the growth, the experiences (not always fun, but important) are all part of the amazing journey that makes us who we are and gives us more opportunities to have lasting positive impact on our world. Recently, I heard a quote from Maya Angelou that really struck me. To paraphrase, remember that every cloud has a rainbow, so always look for the opportunities to be someone else’s rainbow…  I know that in order to be the most vibrant and impactful “Rainbow” I can be, I need to feel as healthy and strong as possible throughout my life. That being said, I am going to share my morning routine that helps me continue Feeling Young and Vibrant:

1) I Start with a Good Night’s Rest… This almost goes without saying, but we all need a reminder as it is still underrated in our society. We don’t need studies to prove that sleep deprivation increases auto accidents, decreases brain function and productivity and, frankly, makes us look terrible. Our bodies heal and our brains detoxify while we are sleeping. 5-6 hours won’t do the trick and the longer you go on a schedule like this, the more stress your body will be under and the faster you will age. Aim to be in bed by 10pm regularly and sleeping for about 8 hours. We all have different needs, but no one can do without good sleep.

2) I Re-Hydrate….Remember that you have likely been without water for many hours. Your body has been detoxifying and needs water to move the toxins out and to replenish its reserves. Drink a large glass of pure water upon rising. Adding fresh lemon to the water will amplify its benefits to the liver and kidneys.

3) I Get Grounded…. Spending time outside barefoot is essential to balance and wellbeing. The earth resonates at a specific frequency called The Schumann Resonance, which, interestingly, is the same resonance as a healthy brain. When we stand barefoot on the earth (soil, grass, sand), our bodies can tap into an amazing amount of antioxidant power from the earth itself – and it’s free! I use this time to do my meditation and visualization work which Heather mentions here in her #3 and #5 Hints. Another way to tap into the power of the Earth is to spend some time on our QRS™ Mat. Just 10 minutes can make you feel calm, energized and balanced. It is great after an ECR™ session or Footbath.

4) I Get Moving…Exercise has so many benefits – we were made to move! I know we are always busy, but we can almost always squeeze in a 7-Minute Workout or 4-minute Nitric Oxide Dump to get our blood flowing and brain working. I try to do at least one of these before I am even out of my PJs and I always feel better throughout the day.

5) I Up Level my Coffee or Tea….Adding collagen to your beverage of choice is a great way to support your skin, joint, bone, immune, connective tissue and intestinal health. It is tasteless and dissolves easily in a hot beverage. I recommend using one that is from organic/wild-caught/ grass-fed animals with multiple types of collagen included. You can super-charge your collagen levels by adding RegeneMax™ Advanced Collagen Generator, which stimulates your collagen-building enzymes to do their job.