Tips From Tracy... For Using Food to Lift Your Mood

Nov 02, 2016
Food to Lift Your Mood

“Hangry” between meals?  A high carb diet can wreak havoc on your blood sugar and your mood.  If you find yourself feeling irritable, weak and/or spacey between meals (aka Hangry), you might be suffering with low blood sugar.  Always eat protein and good fat with each meal/snack and reduce intake of sugars and processed foods.  Snacking on foods like nuts and hard boiled eggs between meals can help, too.  Low blood sugar can be an indicator of adrenal issues, so supporting your adrenals can be helpful – ask us how.

Scattered?  MSG is a big culprit with this, in adults and children.  Both MSG and Aspartame are excitotoxins that cause damage to the brain.  Most MSG is hidden in foods under different names, such as Yeast Extract, Carageenan, Hydrolyzed Proteins, and sodium and calcium caseinate.  Check out this link to learn more from expert Dr. Russell Blaylock. 

Feeling depressed or in a fog after eating? This is a common result of food intolerance/sensitivities (as well as rashes, aches, indigestion, fatigue and more).  It can take up to 4 days for symptoms to appear, but usually you are eating the offending food(s) on a regular basis, so it is hard to determine the actual sensitivities.  I highly recommend using our ALCAT food sensitivity test to pick up on sensitivities you might miss.

Feeling sleepy and bloated after a meal? You may not be digesting your foods properly.  This is especially common after the age of 35 or 40.  Try taking digestive enzymes with your meals and snacks to help you break down the food so you can properly absorb the nutrients. Also, chewing food completely is very important, as digestion starts with the enzymes in the mouth.

Things not moving like you want? Constipation is a serious issue that can make anyone grumpy.  If waste is not moving through your intestines and out of your body at a fast enough rate, you can be reabsorbing those toxins and that would make anyone feel crummy.  Increasing fiber, good bacteria and water is essential for increasing transit time in a healthy way.  Magnesium can also be helpful.

Having a hard time focusing? Have you been hydrating?  When you are not properly hydrated, your reasoning and decision-making skills, as well as coordination, suffer.  Make sure that you are drinking pure water throughout the day.  The rule of thumb is to drink ½ of your body weight in ounces per day, but don’t forget to add to that amount when you are exercising or the weather is really hot.

Down in the dumps? Look at your gut.  Most of your neurotransmitters are produced here and imbalance and inflammation in the gut means imbalance and inflammation in the brain.  Everyone is unique, so talk to us about how you can get your gut back into balance.


Anxious/jittery/not sleeping? Check your caffeine intake.  Even a little square of healthy dark chocolate can affect your sleep if you are sensitive.  Caffeine is very hard on your adrenal glands and can lead to dependence and low blood sugar if over-used.

Want a lift? Here are some foods with nutrients that can actually improve your mood: Bananas, lentils, brazil nuts, coconut, oats, and, of course, dark chocolate. Go for organic and unprocessed foods, as GMOs and white sugar destroy your important healthy gut bacteria, among other damaging effects.

Tracy’s Mood Food Trail Mix: Simply mix toasted coconut flakes with dark chocolate pieces/cocoa nibs, brazil nuts and walnuts. You can add Goji berries or dried/unsweetened bananas. I keep this in my purse for snacking. Yum!