Tracy’s Tips... to Steer Clear of Sugar

addiction breakthehabit sugar Sep 26, 2018

The Sugar Season Cometh! As we enter the Season of Sweets (which, sadly, lasts through the spring), we would like to give you some tips to help manage your family’s relationship with sugar to support your health – and not go insane….

  1. Tap into the Switch Witch! Heather’s neighbor taught me about her years ago and it saved us endless battles over sweets after Halloween, birthdays and other sugar-laden holidays.  When your children are young and have a plethora of sweets, you can set the booty out on the kitchen counter at night and the Switch Witch will come while the kids are sleeping to trade the goods for gifts and/or money.  It is a win-win!  My older kids still ask for her to come visit, and I love it!

  2. Balance it out.  Agree to do trade-offs.  One family bike ride or walk = One small sweet.  Sounds simple, but it works if you can stick to it.

  3. Kill the Candida.  When you have an overgrowth of candida/yeast in the gut, you will crave more sugar, which makes limiting sugar that much more difficult.  The “yeasty beasties” literally send signals to your brain to tell you to crave sugar because they live off of sugar…thus creating an endless cycle.  Talk to your practitioner about how to balance your gut and drop those cravings.

  4. Addiction Issues?  We are pretty much all addicted to something, our bodies are wired that way.  The dopamine/reward and learning pathways are there for a reason, but they can go askew.  Our new favorite way to balance that out is through a neurotransmitter support supplement called Appe Curb (on special this month).  It is great for any addiction (yes, screens, too).  We find it does not make you averse to the addiction, it just lessens the control the addiction has over you by feeding the dopamine pathways and you can, thus, have a better relationship with that which you are struggling.

  5. Feeding the Past? Many of us go to “comfort foods” because of past imprinting.  An example of this would be that every time you got hurt as a child your mom would give you a sweet to “make you feel better.”  Of course, she was trying to do the right thing, but your subconscious mind now thinks that sweets will “make you feel better.”  Not the healthiest relationship with food and mood, but very common.  MBR™  can help uncover and address those subconscious imprints to help you redefine your relationship with food and your body. Call for an appointment today!  713.861.6777