What you need to know about Root Canal Treatments from a Biological Dentist

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Dental health is, by far, one of the most important factors in health and I am grateful that Dr. To (pronounced “toe”) has written another article for us to highlight how truly holistic dental care can contribute to our health.  In Dr. To’s Biological Dentistry practice, she sees amazing benefits to her patients when they address failed root canals with root canal therapy.  One of my clients had her eyesight clear up after her surgery and another had a fast-growing cancerous tumor cease its rapid growth after his root canal treatment with Dr. To - there is a documented connection between root canals and cancer.  Here is a great article about the topic.  After reading Dr. To’s story below, I hope you will consider looking into proper root canal treatment with a biological dentist. 

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Read on for Dr. To’s article.

Many years ago, my sister had a root canal done in her lower left first molar. Since that time, she had chronic sinus infections and felt constant pressure in the left cheek area. After sharing her concerns for the tooth with her family dentist, they referred her to an Endodontist (root canal specialist). Both her dentist and the root canal specialist told her that the root canal looked fine and could not possibly be the cause of her sinus problems.  They referred her to an ear, nose and throat doctor. Upon his recommendation, a CT scan was taken; it showed that the right sinus was completely infected. Surgery was performed to clean out the sinus. My sister felt well for about 2 weeks, then her sinus became infected again.  She came to me in desperation, not wanting to undergo another sinus surgery. After consulting with me and seeing Dr. Dawn Ewing for EAV testing, my sister decided to have the root-canal tooth removed.  After the removal, she was happy to report that she had not experienced any swelling or pain. She actually felt the sinus pressure disappear right after the procedure. To this day, my sister continues to be free of sinus pain, pressure and infection.

To appreciate why root canals can be so dangerous, you need to understand the process. A root canal is the removal of the pulpal tissue from the canal(s) inside the tooth. This pulpal tissue is comprised of nerves, blood and lymphatic tissue, which makes the tooth an organ (by definition). Dentists have been taught to “sterilize” the canal of the tooth during the root canal procedure to ensure that bacteria are not left behind. The canal is usually packed with a latex material called gutta-percha; this is supposedly to seal off the canal. The underlying assumption is that, if you completely sterilize the canal before sealing it, the canals will be germ-free, and thus, free from further infection. It makes sense, sounds logical, and dentists have been doing it without a second thought for years. Unfortunately, that is not the reality. Although we think of teeth as hard and impenetrable, they are in fact made up of thousands of microscopic tubules that, if lined up, are estimated to be approximately three miles long. It is absurd to believe that all of these millions of tiny tubules could possibly be “sterilized” during the root canal procedure.

By the end of the procedure, the canal has been partially sealed with the gutta-percha or other sealing materials so the area no longer benefits from the constant cleansing and oxygenating effects of the blood supply flowing through the tooth. When the bacteria left behind in the dentinal tubules are cut off from the normal oxygen and blood supply, they begin to metabolize and give off toxins. Each person’s ability to handle the burden of these toxins is different which is why it impacts everyone differently.

The following are a few of the diseases shown to be related to bacteria from the root canals: arthritis, heart valve problems, breast tumors, gallbladder disease, eczema, pernicious anemia, colitis, migraines, sinusitis, hypertension, coronary artery disease, and thyroid disease. For every root canal tooth that was removed with biological protocol, we sent it to the medical pathology lab for testing and analysis.

The most important thing to remember is our body is unique and treatment needs to be personalized.  My goal with every patient is to guide them, but at the end of the day the patient is always the hero of their own journey.  I recommend everyone get their root canal teeth evaluated by a biological holistic wellness dentist and foundational healthcare providers. Reinfection of root canal treated teeth is so common, mostly asymptomatic that I see it daily, often on multiple patients a day.  Don’t wait or underestimate the impact of your teeth and mouth on your entire body’s health. (See Tracy’s final comments below.)

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Tracy’s final comments:

I hope you learned a lot about root canals.  Conventional root canal treatments almost always fail because the chances of killing all the bacteria in the miles of tubules of the root are miniscule.  The nerve is killed during the treatment, so most people are unaware that an infection is likely still present even after the root canal procedure. When harmful bacteria is present in the tooth, the immune system’s energy is drained and the body is weakened. 

Keep in mind that our teeth are connected to meridian lines and each tooth can affect different organs, glands and tissues.  When an underlying infection is present in a tooth, those reflex areas can be negatively affected. 

Of course, prevention of conditions leading to a root canal is the very best approach.  Good oral hygiene (which is very connected to gut health) is essential and a biological dentist can help you create a plan for prevention of this sort of problem.  Consult your practitioner at Heights of Health if gut health is an issue for you to make a healthy gut part of your prevention plan. 

At Heights of Health, we carry some great dental products that work well with balancing the bacteria in the mouth by removing biofilm and supporting the proper microbiome bacterial balance.  All are 100% natural and fluoride-free:   Dentalcidin toothpaste, Dentalflora and Dentalcidin LS Rinse.  Info on all is here:  https://biocidin.com/products/dentalcidin-toothpaste-with-biocidin

One other note about fluoride: 

Have you ever read the warning label on your toothpaste?  How much fluoride do you ingest through swallowing and absorption through your gums? The fluoride in toothpaste and water accumulates in the body and is toxic. 


Here is another informative link about fluoride: https://fluoridealert.org/wp-content/uploads/50-reasons.pdf

Just remember that it is so important for you to talk to a biological dentist (like Dr. Katie To) for a second opinion if anyone recommends that you have a root canal; and of course, you should always consult a biological dentist about solutions for failed root canal treatments.  Here is a website with more information about biological dentists:  https://iaomt.org/

This is a direct link to help you find a biological dentist in your area: https://iaomt.org/for-patients/search/

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