A Collective Shift

Jun 30, 2020

At Heights of Health, we are and have always been committed to creating greater peace, compassion, love, community, healing, and forgiveness. Racism against the Black community is unacceptable and heart-wrenching.  We recognize that we are responsible in the world we have created and we do believe that, for individual and collective shifts to occur, we must approach this immense injustice by looking inward to uncover and address our personal limiting beliefs regarding other members of our human family.

A practice that we promote at Heights of Health to help us all take accountability, ask for forgiveness, practice gratitude, and spread love is called the Ho’oponopono Prayer. It is an ancient Hawaiian prayer that means “to make doubly right” because we are all, in some way, responsible for injustice and separation in the world. It is used to help restore peace, harmony and love within families, communities, and our planet.  We encourage you to join us in this prayer as one small part of the actions we must partake in to bring about much necessary change.  It is simple and powerful.  For information about how to use the prayer in your life, please visit: https://upliftconnect.com/hawaiian-practice-of-forgiveness/

Our Holistic Nutritionist, Amanda Mirabella has collected some resources to continue learning about anti-racism. Check out her post here, and look at her highlight for more information.