Creating a Happier, Healthier Heart

healthyandhappy hearthealth Jan 29, 2019
  1. Increase Nitric Oxide levels through exercise and diet. This important gas tones the cardiovascular system and is essential for heart health. I love the Nitric Oxide Dump – it only takes 4 minutes and you feel clear-headed and energized afterward. Additionally, some yummy foods that boost nitric oxide are beets, cilantro, garlic, dark chocolate, and leafy greens. Also, we have a super-tasty new product called Rejuvenaid on special this month that increases Nitric Oxide. It is like beet juice on steroids and is great to take daily to support heart health and just before exercise to improve endurance.

  2. Take CoQ10 (Ubiquinol) Daily. This co-enzyme is responsible for proper functioning of your heart through the mitochondria of the cells (the powerhouses). It is essential for a healthy heart and healthy gums (you’ve likely heard of the connection here). Production declines as we age and it’s difficult to get enough through your diet. Also, if you are taking statin drugs, supplementing with CoQ10 is very important. Typical dosage is 1-2 mg per pound of body weight. Look at our special this month.

  3. Avoid Trans Fats (hydrogenated oils). These wreak havoc in our cardiovascular systems. You will find these fats in margarine, in processed foods and in many restaurants that still use them in frying. A great way to assess your levels of essential fatty acids and trans fats is to take our Omega Quant test. Is super simple (just a finger prick) and results are available in a couple of weeks. Knowing your levels can help you make dietary changes and increase the specific types of fats you need for optimal heart health.

  4. Go out for a walk. As we all know, exercise is essential for heart health, but going outside has additional benefits like the stress reduction that comes from being in nature, sun exposure to optimize vitamin D levels and the potential for grounding (you need to be barefoot, though) to reduce inflammation and free radicals. All of these benefits are important for your heart. 20-30 minutes daily is all it takes and it is well worth the time.

  5. Practice gratitude throughout every day. People who practice gratitude are more optimistic and optimistic people live longer, healthier, happier lives. Who doesn’t want that??