Exciting New Immune Boosting Products

Oct 31, 2021
Immune Boosting Products

As our crazy, upside-down world continues, one of the things that remains constant and essential is our need to take care of our bodies, especially our immune systems. Aside from the usual advice (pure air and water, veggies, exercise, and a positive attitude), I wanted to highlight some new supplements we are now carrying that can help support immune health. Ask your practitioner if any of these might be good for you.



Ultimate Cell Health – This blend is specifically designed to slow and reverse aging by repairing telomeres (the end caps of your DNA that shorten with age). A young immune system is typically a very robust one. This supplement promotes youth in all areas of the body. Pair it with meditation and your telomeres will be singing your praises!


Detoxidine – Nourish and detoxify your thyroid with this liquid iodine blend (same ratio as Lugol’s). The thyroid is strongly connected with metabolism, hormone balance, and immune system strength. Iodine has the added benefit of being anti-microbial, too.





Heavy Metal and Chemical Cleanse – Our bodies are constantly weighed down by the daily exposure to chemicals and heavy metals. This blend is a great way to move that stress out and free your body’s energy up to heal and stay healthy and vibrant.





CoQ-10 and BioPQQ – Support your ATP energy factories at a cellular level with this powerhouse. Toxins and deficiencies can slow down your body’s production of energy which can, in turn, reduce immune function. Increase your energy and strengthen your immune system by feeding your mitochondria with this blend.





To help you keep your immune system as robust as possible as we go into cold and flu season, we are putting all these new products on sale at 15% off for the entire month of November. Ask your practitioner if any of these new products might be helpful to you as you strive to maintain excellent health this winter.