Finding Comfort as We Move Through Challenging Times

Apr 06, 2020
Finding Comfort as We Move Through Challenging Times

As we stand in the face of this global pandemic, we'd like to offer a few powerful techniques that are proven to empower us as humans in the face of the gravest of situations. As biological creatures, we are programed to react emotionally when thrown into fight or flight-inducing situations. When this happens, our thinking brain shuts down and our access to the immense almost super-human resources within are blocked as our primitive programming takes over. The profound message we want to send each of you is that you DO have the power to switch off the panic and to deliberately turn on access to a logical, problem-solving and extra-ordinary power within. Just as anxiety is contagious, so is calm.

Collectively we are stronger; so please know we are practicing these 3 steps alongside you.

Practice Breathwork. 
Managing your breath is the quickest and most powerful way to shift the mind and body out of a panic response. Dr. Kelly McGonigal out of Stanford University says that for optimal stress release breathing, we should engage in 4 to 6 complete breath cycles within each minute. Try this 4-7-8 Breathing Technique: Gently breathe in through your nose as you inflate your belly to the count of 4. Be mindful to keep the shoulders, the chest and the jaw relaxed. Focus on inflating the belly with air. Then gently hold the breath for a count of 7. Purse the lips as if you are blowing out a candle or blowing bubbles and gently exhale for a count of 8. Set your timer and see if you can do 4 to 6 of these types of breaths in a one-minute time interval. This 1-minute investment will buy you many more minutes of rational and strength-laden responses.

Reframe Your Thoughts. 
Practice purposeful thought control and positive visualization. Visualize yourself surrounded by a nurturing and safe white light. See if you can feel the warmth envelop your body. Then repeat in your mind, "I am safe, I am strong, I am in control. I've got this. I have an endless stream of strength and health flowing to me now". Amplify the effect of this practice by feeling the white light move into your heart space and see if you can feel the feeling of safety deep within.

Ground in the Now. 
Catch yourself if you slip into a downward spiral of mentally creating worst-case scenarios. Even in the worst of situations, our thoughts carry enormous possibility for healing. Our thoughts about a situation have the energetic capability of projecting new negative realities or creating almost miraculous solutions. Managed thinking can carry a vibrational pattern that can attract new possibilities.

The magic lies in bringing awareness and mindfulness to exactly what is roaming around in our minds; what stories are we creating? Remember, no one ever worries themselves into a solution. When you notice that you are using your thought-stream to move yourself further into panic, stop and notice your body in the present moment. 

You can say, "I feel my feet inside my shoes; my legs are strong and working; I am right here." Move yourself out of the worry by shifting into a positive action in the present moment even if that means physically organizing something or engaging in a positive physical behavior. Our mind and bodies communicate. We can move the mind out of catastrophic thinking by purposefully moving our bodies to create calm, newfound answers. 

Breathe: 4-7-8 all day 
Think: I can do this; I am a strong! 
Ground: I have the power to create miracles by staying in the present moment. 

Please claim comfort, knowing that we are lifting each of you up and will continue to send energetic healing. We provide Remote Appointments and Supplement Delivery Services for your safety and convenience.