Is it Time for Your Post-Summer Detox?

2023 detox immunity nontoxic Aug 31, 2023

Yes, it is that time of year again. After a few months of summer, (when we hope you’ve had fun), many of us want, and need, to get back on track with our health. We might have been indulging in food and drink that is not optimal and our schedules may have gotten all out of whack. As the academic year starts and things, with any luck, start to cool down, it is a good time to shift the focus and get into a healthy groove.

To support that process, I wanted to share a few detox tools (all on special this month) that we can all use to reset and rejuvenate our lives:


Castor Oil Packs: This age-old technique is so easy to incorporate with our organic home kits. Castor oil helps reduce inflammation and support detox of the liver, colon, and just about any place you apply it. The Castor Oil Pack contains one large pad with strings that can be tied around your body to keep it in place. Just apply castor oil on your skin in your liver area and cover with the pad or pour castor oil directly on the pad and then place the pad over your liver. I try to sleep with my pack on a couple of times per week and I love what it does for my skin and health. We also have Castor Oil Detox pads for your thyroid; please check with your Practitioner to see if this would be beneficial for you.


Detox Ion Footbaths: Always a favorite, especially when you can see the water fill with toxins as you sit there. People often comment that they feel lighter and less inflamed after just a 30-minute session.


Detox Footpads: Another easy detox tool that you can use while you sleep. The bottoms of our feet have the largest pores in our bodies and are great for helping detox. These easy-to-use pads adhere to the bottoms of the feet to help pull out toxins while we sleep – or anytime we can have them on for at least 3 hours.


InfraRed Sauna: We love our sauna. The sauna helps detox all sorts of nasty things through the skin, but also is great for the nervous system - and one session can burn up to 600 calories!


Our saunas and footbaths will be half-price for the month of September and the products I have mentioned will be 15% off the regular price. We are all exposed to toxins every day, through the air, our water and food and so many things in our environment. Take advantage of our specials this month to help stay on top of those toxins and get you back on track with your health.