Our Gift to You: Healthy Eating Guide

nutrition resources Jul 31, 2023

Summer is full of many opportunities to have fun and gather with friends and family to catch up and spend valuable time together. Those special moments, if you are like me, often lead to veering away from your healthy eating habits. When that happens, I encourage you to not create undue stress about it, as stress is one of the top producers of inflammation in our bodies and we certainly do not want that.

Take steps to make healthy choices when you can and take advantage of some digestion hacks if you cannot.

Two supplements that I always carry in my purse for such occasions are Digestive Enzymes and HMET Binder, both on special this month. The enzymes help break down food that I am not used to eating helping me to avert digestive disturbances, and the HMET Binder helps to bind with glyphosate and other harmful chemicals in foods and move them out of your body without harmful effects. I just pop a couple of each at the beginning of a meal and it makes all the difference in the world.

Speaking of a healthy diet, Amanda Mirabella, one of our amazing practitioners, has created a special gift (downloadable below) for you this month. The one-page document is an overview of basic dietary guidelines for general good health. Please feel free to print it out and use it to tweak your eating habits so that you can feel stronger and healthier with every meal.

We always recommend eating organic, unprocessed foods as the center of your lifestyle, as you cannot exercise or supplement your way out of a bad diet. Just like your car, the food you fuel yourself with determines, in so many ways, the performance of your body. Of course, always talk to your practitioner if you have specific needs or concerns that could factor into your diet.

 Enjoy your free gift and the rest of your summer!