Dreaming of Becoming a Natural Health Practitioner?

Sep 30, 2021
Becoming a Natural Health Practitioner

Do you, or someone you know, have the aspiration to become a practitioner in the field of holistic health? Do you want to help people achieve their wellness goals by supporting emotional and spiritual health? We just might have the answer for you.

The founder of Heights of Health, Tracy Southwick, ND, AMP, HHP, has opened Mind Body Spirit Release™ Academy to train practitioners to start or enhance their practice. The Academy is fully accredited by the American association of Drugless Practitioners. It has been going strong for the last year with numerous happy graduates, many of whom have developed thriving practices. The academy was originally only open to existing health practitioners like DCs, MDs, Functional Medicine Practitioners, Health Coaches and Nutritionists, but we have since, because of our accreditation status, expanded academy admission to others interested in starting a Natural Health practice. This is a wonderful opportunity to enter this field and learn directly from Tracy Southwick, who developed, honed and currently practices this technique in her clinic in the Houston Heights.

Mind Body Spirit Release™ (MBSR™) is a tool to help the body recognize and release emotional trauma and stress in order to facilitate healing and optimal health. Click here or here to read about the technique and here to watch a Level 1 demonstration. If you are a client of Heights of Health, you likely have already experienced MBSR™, but as the trainings progress into Levels 2 and 3, the sessions go deeper and deeper into the clearing process, uncovering Limiting Beliefs, Spiritual Blocks, Generational Blocks and more.

Students have attended from all over the world, as the classes are given virtually and in-person. Due to the accreditation status, after completing 2 of the 3 Levels, MBSR™ certified practitioners are qualified to apply to be Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioners (HHP), which opens many doors for additional training, extra support, insurance, and connections to exclusive supplement companies.

If you are interested or would like to pass this information along, you can find more information here. The next Level 1 course starts on November 16. The classes are virtual and will be held Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings (and recorded if you miss one), with an optional in-person workshop at the end. Hoping you’ll join us and help spread the word that MBSR™ is growing and impacting many lives, both as practitioners and clients, in an incredible way.

*Early bird special to sign up for MBSR Training is $200 off the cost of the course and final date to take advantage of this discount is October 26, 2021. Link to sign up?

*We also have a special running in October for an MBSR™ initial appointment with one of our two highest-level MBSR™ instructors. Save$100 on an MBSR™ appointment scheduled in October with either of these 2 Instructors.