Wellness Dentistry: One Dentist’s Personal Journey

2023 biological dentistry detox health resources Sep 30, 2023

Forward by Tracy Southwick:

Dear Clients, For many years I have been aware of the dangers of mercury amalgam (silver) dental fillings.  I, myself, had a mouthful at one time and my health suffered greatly.  Mercury is extremely toxic (see more at this article), especially to the nervous system and can cross the blood-brain barrier.

I have spent years unwinding the damage from them and I hope that reading Dr. To's story below will inspire you to look into this for yourself and loved ones.  Our practitioners can help put you on an individualized program to help detox from mercury and other toxic metals after the fillings are safely removed.  Make sure you use a SMART-certified dentist like Dr. To for removal to avoid increasing your toxic load.

  Love, Tracy



Here is our article written by our guest writer: Dr. Katie To DDS, Founder/Owner of The Center for Integrated Wellness and Cosmetic Dentistry in Katy, Texas

“My journey to wellness dentistry began after a positive test result for toxic metal poisoning. At my worst, my symptoms included chronic fatigue and exhaustion, brain fog that impaired daily tasks, dandruff that wouldn’t disappear, painful rashes that covered my face, ears and body and strange food allergies. I also experienced a difficult period of infertility where my husband and I grasped for answers in desperation while exploring all options for a viable pregnancy. Looking at my symptoms as a whole, the list seemed disjointed, disconnected but actually common. As months passed, I developed poor sleep habits and worried that these familiar markers might be dismissed or overlooked by the medical community. At this point I could no longer ignore the physical signs of a body in distress. Alongside a team of doctors, we exhausted every medical possibility. Finally, three separate physicians confirmed my results. I found myself battling mercury toxicity.

As someone who’s lived in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, my wellness calling is inspired by a variety of life experiences. I was born in Vietnam where my love for wellness rituals and routines began. I’m thankful for an early introduction to wholesome recipes, acupuncture, herbal remedies and meditation practices. With a basic understanding of wellness and holistic approaches to health, I took bold steps toward healing.

My diet became very clean, and I avoided all forms of sugar, carbohydrates and dairy while taking the necessary vitamins that targeted my specific needs. Personal health became my priority, and my family changed many aspects of our lifestyle in the name of holistic healing. I learned that exercise, meditations and gratitude journaling are key factors for my physical, spiritual and mental well-being. Six months into the journey, I felt better but acknowledged that I could never return to previous habits, and that included my profession. With an entire career built around traditional dentistry, I trusted my gut and turned away from a conventional approach to dentistry in pursuit of biological dentistry.

My dental practice has always been mercury free, but after receiving my mercury toxicity results, we became certified for the safe removal of amalgam. Even without mercury fillings in my mouth, I learned that previous occupational exposure led to my diagnosis. For perspective, by just brushing a dry mercury filling, you can create exposure, and I cannot afford any degree for myself.

Traditional dentistry presents a toxic load too great for my body to bear, and today, many dentists are speaking up by calling for the profession to move away from mercury. It’s not safe for dentists or hygienists, and it’s not safe for patients. Thanks to my pursuit of holistic wellness, I am proud to be a mother to my son Bailey and my daughter Apple as well as a biological and cosmetic dentist. As the owner of ​The Center for Integrated Wellness and Cosmetic Dentistry in Katy, Texas, my team transforms smiles through nontoxic cosmetic dentistry while also targeting the root causes of patient ailments. Today I am thriving personally and professionally as I help my family and community uncover healthy smiles, healthy bodies and healthy minds.

After this initial season of healing, I became the first and only SMART certified dentist within my community through the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). This certification places a high priority on safe patient care while removing amalgam fillings. The learning never stops. Today I am the youngest Master of Biological Dentistry by the IABDM (International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine).

My healing journey gave me the clarity that I needed, and it ultimately propelled me toward a holistic vision for my personal and professional life. Take my advice—do what you love and not just what you should. If you truly take this to heart, you’ll go far within your field. Dentistry is my passion and wellness is my calling, and I hope you find the tools and strategies to take the next step in your journey to wellness dentistry.” Dr. Katie To DDS



Tracy's postscript:

Silver fillings are not the only way we are exposed to heavy metals.  They are in the air, in our food and in our water supply.  Some great tools to keep your heavy metal load down are regular InfraRed saunas, footbaths and staying on binders like HMET that help pull the toxins out of the body.  All of our heavy metal detox supplements are on special at 15% off this month. Many of them are suitable for children and even pets!