Plan Ahead to make Thanksgiving Healthy AND Delicious

Oct 31, 2022

At Heights of Health this holiday season, we decided to do something a little different. Our practitioners and staff have created special recipes incorporating some of our amazing products to add some health advantages to your delicious meals. See below for the specific benefits of the products we used.

Also, if you are looking for a unique gift that your friends and loved ones will enjoy, we are selling a beautiful set of these recipe cards that you can pair with any or all of the special added ingredients to bring smiles all around. We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you know that we are truly grateful for our amazing clients at Heights of Health. Cheers to your health!

Here are the benefits of the ingredients included in our various delicious recipes:

Adaptive Cacao – This amazing cacao blend contains adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms for a stronger immune system and a healthy stress response. The blend has no sugar (sweetened with stevia) and is enhanced with prebiotic fiber and MCT oil. Enjoy it in Amanda’s Hot Chocolate, Heather’s Smoothie, or Tracy’s Brownie Bites.



Spagyric Greens – We love this liquid green supplement! It is a great way to sneak nutrition into your kids’ smoothies. It is spagyrically processed (translation: they get more nutrition out of the herbs than you can imagine) so you don’t need much to have a great impact. Try it in Heather's The Green Chill Shake for concentrated nutrition!


ReHydration – This is a fantastic homeopathic to help keep the body hydrated. It reminds the cells how to maintain a proper water/electrolyte balance and is a go-to if you have been consuming too many non-hydrating libations. Enjoy our yummy holiday cocktail/mocktails: Cheryl H.’s Hydrating Seltzer Rita and Laura's Lavender Martini or Cosmo with ReHydration.


CT Minerals – At the clinic, we always add these re-mineralizing, body-repairing drops to our water. If you use purified water, and we hope you do, add 2 or more drops to every glass. This holiday, you can also add some drops to Cheryl H.’s Hydrating Seltzer Rita for a little boost!


Core Ginger – Spice things up with a warming herbal tincture that supports digestion, helps reduce gas and bloating, is anti-viral, and calms intestinal distress. You can use it in hot water as a tea or just enjoy Laura’s delectable ginger cookies after a yummy meal of Stacy’s Asian Slaw with Sliced Steak!


Black Cumin Seed Oil – This is a new favorite for immune-boosting and general health. It is great as an anti-microbial, as well as skin-beautifier and overall nutrient-dense super-food. Enjoy Cheryl S.’s healthy jicama salad with spicy Black Cumin and Lime Dressing.


Nacher’s CBD – Keep yourself calm and the inflammation in your body down with our excellent quality CBD. Most clients take this at bedtime for better rest, but you can also add it to a nutrition-rich smoothie like Heather’s Green Chill Smoothie.


FitFood Lean Collagen – Get the building blocks for your muscles, skin and connective tissue in chocolate or vanilla to add to any smoothie (like Heather’s). I also like to add it to yogurt or mix into chia seed pudding for a protein boost.


Medicinal Mushrooms – Amanda has made several delicious recipes with these mushrooms. See the chart below for benefits and enjoy some creative bites. King Coffee also includes a blend of reishi and coffee for an adaptogenic morning brew! Try Peyton's King Coffee Pumpkin Spice Latte.



We have lots of Hostess and Holiday gifts for those of you who like to plan ahead! Here are some wonderful healthy recipes to include in your Thanksgiving dinner preparations. All the ingredients listed above are 15% this month.